Dobson High-Speed Residential Internet FAQs

In what neighborhoods are you building fiber?

We are bringing fiber to these Newalla neighborhoods:

  • Bella Ranch

  • Country Ridge Estates

  • Edendale Estates

  • Lake Tree

  • Timber Creek

  • Winchester


When will you build fiber in my neighborhood? 

We are currently building fiber to the neighborhoods listed above.  We will evaluate after each fiber build is completed to which other neighborhoods we will be bringing fiber.  We do not have a time frame for future builds currently.

I live in one of the 6 neighborhoods.  What is the cost of the fiber internet? 

How soon can I get connected?

It depends on the where you live.  Please contact our Customer Support at 855.5.DOBSON to visit about your specific location and needs.

Is there a contract required?

No. We do not require a contract.

Do I have to be a Dobson Telephone Landline customer to sign up. 

No. If you are a current customer, you do not have to keep your Dobson Telephone landline to have Fiber Internet.

If I’m already a Dobson Telephone customer, will I get a separate bill? 

No. You will still get your telephone bill, but the fiber internet charge will show up on the same bill.