About Your Bill

Charges for local monthly service are billed one month in advance. Charges for long distance calls are based on actual use up to the date your bill is prepared. Charges for installing or changing your monthly service usually appear on the first bill after your order is completed.

Q. When is my bill due?
A. The bill is due upon receipt and becomes delinquent on the 15th of each month.


Q. What happens if I pay my bill with a check my bank will not honor?
A. A disconnect will occur unless the check is replaced promptly with cash or a cashier’s check. A returned check fee will be charged the following month, along with the amount of the check.


Q. What happens if I can’t pay my bill on time?
A. If you can’t pay your bill by the due date, please call the Dobson Telephone business office. We may be able to make payment arrangements with you.


Q. How can I get service restored if it has been disconnected for nonpayment?
A. All delinquent charges must be paid before service can be reconnected. You also must pay a charge to have the service restored and your credit will have to be reestablished. As a result, advance payment and a deposit may be required.


Q. How do I pay my bill?
A. We offer several ways to pay your bill: Pay online by clicking here; Pay automatically by bank draft; Pay over the phone via Dobson Customer Service; Pay by mail at the addresses shown below; or Pay in person at a convenient kiosk. To locate the one nearest you, click here.


A return envelope is included with each monthly bill. If the return envelope is not available, address payments to Dobson Telephone Company, P.O. Box 268940, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8932. Please return the first page of the bill with your payment and note your telephone number on the check.